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W. T. Quick, a native of Indiana, lives in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco. He is the author of twenty-eight novels, including the seminal cyberpunk cult hit DREAMS OF FLESH AND SAND (in which he invented The Matrix), the best-selling prehistoric thriller THE LAST MAMMOTH, a series of six novels entitled QUEST FOR TOMORROW co-authored with William Shatner, dozens of shorter works of fiction, and several screenplays for film and television.(See: Bibliography).

Quick's works include the hit series of prehistoric novels written under the pseudonym "Margaret Allan." The most recent in the series, SISTER OF THE SKY, was published by NAL/Signet in January of 1999.

The Mammoth Stone

Keeper of the Stone

The Last Mammoth

Spirits Walking Woman

Sister of the Sky

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In his Net persona W.T. Quick is the Daily Pundit, a blogger well known for his acerbic skewering figures and happenings in the worlds of politics and current events, and also for naming the blogosphere.

Star Control Cover

STAR CONTROL: INTERBELLUM, a science fiction epic, was released in early 1996 by Prima/Proteus Publishing.

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Since 1996, W. T. Quick has been listed in WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA. Since W. T. Quick was too stupid to earn any sort of higher educational degree, this, his only tangible recognition of any achievement, was one of his lifelong ambitions. So while he feels somewhat embarrassed about mentioning it, he will anyway.

On the stands in England from Corgi Books is AMERICAN GOTHIC: FAMILY. This is a "prequel" novel that delineates the history leading up to the storyline of the television series AMERICAN GOTHIC. Yes, all you Lucas Buck fans, you will finally discover how he came to be as he is - and it's not what you thought it was!

American Gothic Cover

Here's a bunch of W.T. Quick's Good Old Stuff. Most of these are hard to come by of late, but if you click on one of the covers, amazon.com will find the book for you. Dreams of Flesh and Sand has recently been reissued as both a quality paperbook and as an eBook by e-Reads.com. Click on the cover to buy it. The rest of the G.O.S. will also be reissued shortly in both paper and electronic format. As soon as this happens, clicking on the covers will take you to the appropriate sites.

Dreams of Flesh and Sand

Dreams of Gods and Men


Yesterday's Pawn


Chains of Light

The Works...

The fourth Margaret Allan novel, SPIRITS WALKING WOMAN, was published by Dutton/Signet Onyx in December of 1997. This book, and its sequel, SISTER OF THE SKY, are set in the Mesoamerican neolithic cultures of ancient Mexico.

The fifth Margaret Allan novel, SISTER OF THE SKY was published by Dutton/Signet Onyx Publishing in 1998. This book, set in the splendor of Teotihuacan, the greatest city of the ancient Americas, continues the tale of that line of mystic, marked women who sprang from Gay-Ya, (the creator of the mammoth stone) thirty thousand years before on the steppes of Asia.

A new science thriller, SILENT PLAGUE, was finished in September of 1997. It's about an extremely contagious virus that causes deafness, and what happens after the virus breaks out in San Francisco. A screenplay adaptation of this novel is also in the works.

Three years ago, W. T. Quick signed a deal to write the first novelization of previously produced X-Files screenplays. The initial adaptation in novel form of three of the first season's productions, titled ASCENSION, was delivered to Harper Prism in 1998 under Quick's pseudonym "Quentin Thomas." It has not yet been released.

In 1997, W. T. Quick contracted to write three original novels based on the new hit Fox television series ROAR. The first of these books, ROAR, was published by Harper Prism in early 1998 under a new pseudonym for W. T. Quick: Sean Kiernan. The second of this series, THE CAULDRON, was released in May of 1998. The third, THE TALISMAN, was published in late 1998. Welcome to Quick's ever-expanding case study of literary schizophrenia, Sean.

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W. T. Quick's novelized version of the hit film The Hollow Man was published in 2000.

His latest effort at film interpretation, a novelization based on the Tim Burton film Planet of the Apes was published by HarperCollins in mid-2001. He has signed a contract for two more novels set in the Planet of the Apes universe. The first, titled The Fall, will be released early in 2002.

Writing with Richard Curtis, the well-known agent and e-publisher, Quick recently finished a non-fiction book for Writer's Digest Books called How To Get Your E-Book Published. The book was published in February of  2002. It will also be released in electronic book format by E-Reads.com.


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Quick is currently working on the first of a series of novels for HarperCollins titled Shaolin Punks. The projected publication date is late in 2002.


In 1998, W. T. Quick wrote a one hour teleplay for the Warner Brothers Network series MORTAL KOMBAT KRUSADES. The episode, "Noob Saibot," aired in November of 1998, with William Thomas Quick receiving sole "written by" credit.

William Shatner and W.T. Quick

Delta Search Hardcover

In Alien Hands Hardcover

"Bill Quick is a terrific writer and is, as I'm sure he's been told many times in his life, quick - to write, to think, and to be creative. My debt to him for this book goes far beyond acknowledgment."

-- Acknowledgment in: QUEST FOR TOMORROW: DELTA SEARCH, by William Shatner, Harper Prism, February, 1997.


Step Into Chaos Hardcover

W. T. Quick is involved in a project with William Shatner of Star Trek fame as the co-author with him of a new series of novels entitled QUEST FOR TOMORROW. The first of these books, QUEST FOR TOMORROW: DELTA SEARCH, hit the stands in hardcover in February of 1997 from Harper Prism.


"High tech weaponry, spectacular action scenes, and breakneck pacing...combines Star Wars and cyberpunk."

And BOOKLIST added:

Despite abundant action and high-tech hardware (the book would, given a generous FX budget, translate well to the screen), Shatner also manages to produce much subtle characterization, realistic (occasionally grungy) world building, and a sober regard for morally ambiguous situations and the decisions forced on 16-year-old Jim and others. This is the Heinlein sf juvenile novel grown up.
Copyright© 1997, American Library Association. All rights reserved

DELTA SEARCH was released in softcover in December of 1997 from Harper Prism.

The second book, QUEST FOR TOMORROW: IN ALIEN HANDS, is now on the stands in hardcover from Harper Prism.

From a review of the book by KIRKUS REVIEWS:

"Agreeably inventive, well plotted, interestingly peopled, deftly paced and controlled: a quantum leap ahead for Shatner...."
-- Copyright (c)1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

Quick has just finished adapting the novel DELTA SEARCH as a feature-length screenplay, also in collaboration with William Shatner. The first three books have been sold to Cloud 9 Productions, a UK company, and the script is currently in development with Cloud 9 as a feature-length tv film intended to serve as a pilot for a potential television series.

The third novel novel in this best-selling series, STEP INTO CHAOS, was published in 1999.

Publishers Weekly said:"Old-fashioned space opera...Shatner's pacing never flags."

Booklist said:"The most demanding,the most intelligent, and overall, the best of the series."

Shatner and Quick recently signed a new contract with Harper Prism for several more novels set in the QUEST FOR TOMORROW universe. The first of these, BEYOND THE STARS was published in 2000.

Booklist said:"The action is speedy, and the ship is a well-drawn setting...Jim is more sympathetic, approachable, and real than before, though he faces no less danger and difficulty..."

Kirkus Reviews says about the series:"Gripping space adventure...with plenty of cliff-hanging incidents."

The fifth novel in this series, Shadow Planet, has been delivered to HarperCollins. A sixth novel is in the works.

For book, mixed, and multi-media projects, W. T. Quick is represented by Caitlin Blasdell, of Liza Dawson Associates in New York City. Caitlin Blasdell can be reached at: 350 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2003, New York, NY 10001. tel (212) 465-9071, fax (212) 947-0460.

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